Sérgio De Nadai

I started my career in the corporate food market in the 1970s by providing meals to businesses in my family's butchers and rotisseries where I worked with my parents and siblings.


New Year Message

2018 is a year that ends with the certainty that we have done an excellent job.

We have had sustainable growth where, in addition to retaining a large part of our customer base, we have been able to meet our business goals and close new and important partnerships.

One of our premises in 2018, as it could not be, was the improvement of the people who work with us. And this can be translated into the strong investment we have made in our Compliance Program, where we train 100% of our employees in ethical business practices.

And speaking of employees, we are very pleased to be among the Best Companies to Work for, at a rate of 93% of our employees' pride in working for us.

Among our internal projects, I highlight the second edition of the cultural contest "The Chef is You", which was a great success. The project involved several areas of our company and received from our employees more than 100 recipes focused on sustainability, where at least one of the ingredients should be used in its entirety.

We closed 2018 with many plans and positive energy to start a 2019 of great challenges and expectation of solid growth.

Finally, I thank all our employees for their dedication and hard work and for all our customers for their successful partnership.

Let's all have a happy 2019!

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