Sérgio De Nadai

I started my career in the corporate food market in the 1970s by providing meals to business clients in my family's butcher shop and rotisseries, where I worked with my parents and siblings.

In 1977, with the gradual growth of requests for meals for companies, I founded my relatives with De Nadai.

Today, for more than 40 years in the corporate food service market, we in the De Nadai group of companies value excellence in customer service, with around 500,000 meals a day and more than 5,000 employees.

I believe that the growth of any company should happen step by step, in a sustainable, responsible and ethical way, above all else. Through our compliance program, we reinforce these practices, which permeate our internal and external procedures and processes, and ensure an even more seamless business environment for our stakeholders.

I also think that the greatest asset of any organization is the people who work on it, so I always try to motivate my team to improve and grow. Therefore, it is very important to me that our organization is among the Best Companies to Work for, at a rate of 93% of our employees' pride in working for us.